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The Story of How We Met

Kristen made the first move.

The story of how we met always makes me giggle. It reminds me that, although we met eight years ago and a lot has changed, Michael is still my same self-assured and charming man that he was the first time that we spoke.

Fall of my sophomore year of high school, one of my friends A decided she was going to throw a surprise birthday party for our friend L, and she enlisted my help. L had just transferred to a new private school, so she did not know any of his classmates. My job was to find out who L would want there, get their numbers, and invite them. I texted L’s friend J from my hometown who had also just started at the same school. I asked him if there was anyone who I didn’t know that should be invited. He said there was one guy who had to be there; he gave me Michael’s number.

Notice I have now mentioned three of our friends that were involved in our meeting. Today, they all take credit for us finding each other and falling in love.

So, I texted Michael and it went something like this: (keep in mind this is me paraphrasing years later)

Kristen: “hi, I know this is kinda weird because you don’t know me, but I am throwing a surprise party for your friend L, and J told me that he would want you to be there. If you want to come it is at this time and date at my house. My address is.”

Michael: “hey, I will let you know, but let’s be honest, this was definitely just an excuse to text me because you think I’m cute.”

I couldn’t believe he had responded like that. To be honest, I thought he sounded like a jerk. That message definitely left me stunned (and very embarrassed). I was pretty shy at this point, especially with boys. This was only months after I had turned 15.

I still remember when I was sitting in my room that night, and suddenly I’d won the teenage boy lottery. Out of nowhere, I got a text from a cute girl, and I’d never even asked for her number! She was planning a surprise party for my good friend L from my rowing team. Of course, she was just asking for me to tease her a little bit when she opened with with “I know this is weird.” As we kept texting, I started to piece things together… “Wait, is this that girl who follows L on Instagram? I’ve seen her before. She’s beautiful!”

For the next two months or so we texted occasionally, and it was definitely flirty, but we hadn’t ever met in person. I talked about him a lot to my friends.

A few days before the party, the birthday boy canceled our plans. He didn’t know the party was for him because it was a surprise, and when you are 15 years old it is pretty hard to go to a party when your parents tell you no…

I was definitely bummed that I wouldn’t be seeing Michael, and I was also nervous about how he would respond. So I texted him. It went something like this.

Kristen: “hey so L just texted me, and he cannot come tonight, I’m sorry, well do it another night.”

Michael: “okay well now I have no plans for my Friday night, lets do something anyway.”

We finally got to meet.

So we did. I invited over some friends and made sure they came over earlier than him because I was kinda freaking out. I have always admired the way that Michael has always seemed so confident and comfortable in any situation. When he got to my house he was friendly and outgoing. He had just turned 16, yet he went right up to my dad and shook his hand and then introduced himself to my mom and my aunt who happened to be over. He seemed so mature when we were younger.

Michael was wearing a flannel and cologne that I remember loving. We had a really fun night with my friends in my parents’ basement. I was smitten.

When I arrived at Kristen’s house, I didn’t get a very good look at her at first. She opened the door and sort of scampered downstairs. I saw that her family was sitting together in the front room, so I introduced myself before I followed her. Walking into the basement to join everybody is the first memory I have of seeing my future wife. She was sitting across the room on the couch, and she had an adorable grey jacket on. When she stood up, I immediately noticed her long brown hair, her gorgeous blue eyes, and her height. That feels like so long ago; I can’t believe that we’re getting married!

After introducing myself and making some small talk with the girls there, I quickly zeroed in on two crucial items: a pink clip-on hair bow and a karaoke machine. At the time, I was toying with the idea of pursuing a freestyle rap career, so I just had to give everyone a quick sample. I tucked the bow in my hair, and set the machine playing. I thought I was quite impressive, but I remember Kristen got upset when I accidentally said a curse word :/

At the end of the night, Michael said goodbye to everyone and gave out hugs to everyone except me. I was confused and a little hurt. He asked me to walk him upstairs and so I did. I walked onto my front porch with him and saw his mom waiting in the car. Michael gave me a special hug goodbye on the front porch. The butterflies in my tummy went absolutely crazy.

This was just the beginning.

The next weekend we went on our first date alone to get Panera, and I was so scared. I spent way more time staring down at my phone than I should have, but it felt like the only way to calm my nerves. I am very lucky that he was able to see through my nerves. We started dating not long after, and I can confidently say that meeting Michael has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

high school karaoke
Michael singing karaoke in my basement the first night we met
how we met

What’s next for us?

Now, 8 years later, we are getting married! We could not be happier with how our incredible love story has gone. Click here to read all about that journey.

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