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Our Very First Date

Last week we shared the story of how we met, and it was really nice to look back on the day. It feels like a lifetime ago. Michael and I both remember that day surprisingly well. We really enjoyed talking about the beginning of our relationship and remembering how we felt about each other, even so long ago. So, here is the story of our first date, just one week after we met!

I Had the Biggest Crush

We texted a whole bunch that week. Luckily, neither of us have ever been the type to intentionally wait to respond to avoid seeming eager. We were both very busy, especially Michael, but he texted me when he could. His school had very strict phone rules, and he had crew practice every day after school. However, he had a long bus ride to get to practice every day, and we also texted while he sat on the train to and from school.

Every day, as soon as I got out of my last class, I would rush to my locker to get my phone, turning it on on my way out the door (Kristen wasn’t joking about those phone rules). Kristen would always be the first person I’d text as I walked across the parking lot to the bus that would take me to rowing practice.

Sophomore year my cousin Morgan drove me to school every day, and I updated her every morning about how things were going.

Our First Date at Panera

We made plans to get dinner at Panera Bread the weekend after we met. Michael had never been to Panera before, which I thought was really sad. It was one of my favorites then, and it still is.

Michael’s dad drove him to my house to pick me up. I was honestly pretty terrified when he pulled up in a huge black Hummer truck. I had never been in such a big car.

13 mpg baby!

To be honest, I don’t remember if he did or not, but if I had to guess, I would say Michael came up to the door to say hi and walk me to the car. I would also assume that he had to stand there waiting for a few minutes because I was probably running late. It took me so long to get ready every time I saw him for the first few weeks. I always had a friend over helping me pick out an outfit and do my makeup.

In the car, Michael smelled just as nice as he had the weekend before. The ride to Panera was pretty quiet. The week before I was shy, but at least then I had my friends were there with me. This time around I was alone without my friends, and I was meeting his dad for the first time. Luckily, Panera was close by; we pulled up and hopped out of the car.

We went in and ordered. We found a table while they made our food. Soon, we were all settled at our table with our dinner. I was scared.

I remember Kristen knew exactly what she wanted; she was a Panera veteran. I remember staring at the menu for a while before selecting something randomly so I wouldn’t seem indecisive. I went with the sandwich with a fun name, the chicken… lemme look it up—the Frontega Chicken Sandwich. Kristen laughed at me when I explained my thought process later.

We sat down face-to-face at the table, with no distractions apart from the sandwich and soup combo in front of me. Michael has always seemed so confident and comfortable. He spoke about himself, but also asked a lot about me. My responses were brief and timid. I hoped that as our meal went on I seemed to get a little more comfortable, but I am not sure I did. Michael and I joke now about how often I looked down at my phone during our date. My friends wanted updates.

Our First Kiss

My mom picked us up from dinner, and we went back to my house. We ran right into the basement. At the time my parents let us hang out down there; that didn’t last long.

We sat in the basement and talked for a long time. He had his arm around me, and it felt nice. To this day, Michael has a way of making me feel so comfortable when he’s around.

The conversation started to die out, and Michael turned to me and asked, “What do you want to do?”. I turned to him, and replied “I don’t know, what to you want to do?”.

We went back and forth a few times.

“I don’t know what do you want to do!”

“Well, I don’t know either. What do you want to do?”

It was Michael’s turn again, when he replied “We can do this.”

He leaned in and kissed me. Now, I think about this and laugh. He was so cheesy. I am embarrassed to admit I fell for these one liners. But I did.

I tease him about that line all the time, but he always replies by saying “It worked, didn’t it?”, and it did.

Yes, it did 😉

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