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How To Bond Over Choosing Your Top Baby Names With Your Partner

Michael and I have both always known we would want a whole bunch of kids one day. We have had a running note in our phones of baby name inspo since high school, and we have definitely had our fair share of disagreements on names. Here is a sneak peak into how we have come up with a really awesome list of baby names.

1. Keep A Running Note In Your Phone

Sometimes, when not much is going on, Michael and I will look over our running note of baby names. I’ve had our list on my phone since high school. I copy and paste it into a message and send it to him. Usually, when I do this, he accuses me of adding names to the list without his permission (although I’ve never done that). We have a lot of fun thinking of baby names together. This usually leads to us going down a rabbit hole of removing and adding names from our list.

Honestly, we started our list long before we planned on having children together. Brainstorming baby names together has always been really fun for us. However, I do think that even though this was just for fun, adding baby names to our list over the years has helped us create a pretty sick list. Our list has been a really great opportunity to bond. Michael still teases me about a few names I’ve loved over the years that he has not been a fan of.

2. Save Discarded Baby Names

Do not delete names from your list.

We have a list of discarded boys and girls names. Do this!

There has been a handful of times that Michael and I have looked at our discarded names list and wondered why we wanted to get rid of such a great name. We also have names on our discarded names list that have been upgraded to a middle name.

When you go through your baby names list as often as we do, you are bound to accidentally lose a good name or two. There is no reason to totally get rid of these names though. You can store them somewhere at the bottom of your note.

3. Don’t Listen To Other People’s Advice

When you make a baby names list, you are both going to automatically veto some names just because of an experience or person that you associate with that name. This process can remind you of old memories and can be a fun opportunity for story time with your partner. These stories, like the girl in sixth grade who didn’t invite me to take photos at her house before the dance, might be so small that even long-term partners might not have heard them yet. Although these stories might seem insignificant, they will often still make you laugh.

Getting rid of names because of old memories is totally fine. However, anyone you read your baby name list to will do the same thing. You don’t need someone to tell you they hate a name that you and your partner love just because their sister had a weird girl in her first grade class this with the same name.

I love sharing mine and Michael’s baby name list with people. I always try not to take people’s comments too seriously. At the end of the day, we are going to pick baby names that we love and that feel right for our family.

4. Don’t Be Boring

If you spend years editing a note in your phone like Michael and I have, you’d better not have boring names on there! If you love a name, then put it on your list. However, try to think outside of the box too. Adding a name to your list does not automatically mean that you are going to use that name for your first child.

Over time, we have gotten pretty creative with our names. Sometimes, we may have even gotten a little too crazy; Michael had a phase where he really wanted to name our child Guy. We have always had a lot of fun thinking of names though, so try to make your baby name conversation an enjoyable one by getting creative and a little bit silly. Even if you realize later something you picked was a little outrageous, it might still lead you to a name that you fall in love with!

5. Do Your Baby Names Research

Michael and I love the idea of choosing names that have meaning behind them. We always look up the origin and meaning of a name when we find a new one we like. You don’t need to pick a name with a super unique meaning for your child if that is not what’s important to you. Still, it’s nice to know that the name that you choose doesn’t have some meaning or origin that is totally unknown to you.

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Michael and I have had fun working on this list since high school. However, now that we are married it feels so different to be choosing names for our kids together. We are becoming our own little family of two, and eventually more. To follow along with our wedding planning you can click here!


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