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What’s Going On With More Than Friends?

I have always really enjoyed sharing my life through social media. In middle school, I posted about fashion and makeup. In high school and college, I started practicing yoga, and it was life changing. I started posting all about my yoga journey on Instagram.

Since meeting Michael, he has had a bigger impact on my life than anything else ever has. Michael has supported me as I have gained confidence and learned what it is that I want out of life. I feel so incredibly happy with my life and what I imagine my future life looking like. Without Michael, I don’t know if I would feel the same happiness and confidence.

I enjoy sharing aspects of my life on social media that have had such an incredible impact on me. This is why I am so excited to now have a platform dedicated to sharing all about my relationship with Michael. I really do hope that after vising our blog people feel inspired to continue dedicating time and effort towards developing their relationships and dream life with their partner.

Because of this, we made a YouTube account!

There we will be able to share so much more about our life, especially now that we are moving and planning our wedding. There is going to be so much for us to vlog.

We already started vlogging the process of minimizing and getting ready for our big move. We shared a video already that you can click here to watch, and we have another one coming real soon. We have also added a page to our website to house all of our videos. Click here for that page.

So far on our blog people seem to be the most excited about our travel posts and our wedding planning posts. We will definitely continue posting about these topics. We would love to hear what people would want to read and watch from us in the future. We have so much we would love to share, but if there is a topic where our input is most valuable, we would love to hear that in the comments!

Thank you for continuing to support our blog. We hope that you check out our YouTube channel too and enjoy it!


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