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Top 3 Ways to Plan the Perfect Proposal

In August of 2021, Michael and I got engaged, and to say that it was perfect would be an understatement. Michael went above and beyond to plan our special day and I am so grateful for that. The perfect proposal looks different for everyone. Michael absolutely knew what to do to make it a dream for me. There were a few things that he did that really stood out to me. Here are the top three things that Michael did that would mean a lot to anyone on the day they get to officially call their loved one their fiancé(e) for the first time.

#1: Keep a journal while planning your proposal

This is definitely my favorite and most unique piece of advice if you are planning your perfect proposal.

After our engagement, I realized just how much had been going on behind my back for months. Michael started planning our engagement as soon as he started working his full time job in February of 2021. This means that he spent seven months planning for our big day. He immediately ordered my dream ring. He took my parents out to dinner to ask them for their permission to propose, went to brunch with my sister to plan the actual proposal, took two day trips out to Montauk to scope out the perfect spot, and a whole lot more. For months leading up to our proposal, Michael kept a journal. He wrote in it on the train on his way home from work. He documented the whole journey.

Being proposed to was incredible and also overwhelming in the best way. The next morning, I woke up earlier than anyone else. I sat on the balcony over the beach as the sun rose. I read the book that Michael had written for me. It made me laugh and it made me cry. Most importantly though, I felt like the most loved human being on the entire planet.

#2: Think about who your partner would want there when you propose

Some people love an intimate proposal with just them and their partner. Some people want their engagement to be public and on display for others to see. Both can be equally magical, but think about what feels right for you and your partner.

Michael found the perfect balance for us that I had not even thought of. We spent an intimate, romantic, fun day alone with just the two of us, but then he invited our families to be there when he proposed and surprise me. We were down below on a beach, and they were hiding high above us on the cliffs on the shoreline. It was perfect to spend that moment feeling like we were the only people in the world, immediately followed by a shower of love from all of the people that mean the most to us. Anyone who knows me knows that my family means the absolute world to me, so having them there was incredible.

We took a trip to St. Augustine together a few months before, and I thought maybe he would propose then. In my defense, he bought us wine and fancy chocolates, and we enjoyed them together alone on the beach after sunset. He even made frequent jokes about it and at one point pretended like he was going to get down on one knee. We played a lot of mini golf on our trip, and despite me winning 3/4 games, he teased me all week that he could not propose because I hadn’t gotten a hole in one. Plus, it was something that had been on my mind a ton, and he knew that.

I was so excited to get engaged I didn’t think about who would be there, but Michael was surprised I would have been happy to get engaged so far away from everyone else that I love. I am so glad he planned it so they could be there to spend the moment with us.

3: Make the proposal a surprise… mostly

After I told Michael I was ready to become his fiancée and wife, there were a few times I thought he might propose. We had talked about it many times, and it was nice to know that we were on the same page, although it definitely kept me on my toes. My nails looked great for months.

To be completely honest, I was mad at him more than a few times. He had told me for so long how excited he was to marry me, and now that I was ready, he wasn’t? I didn’t understand. I started making sassy comments at him often and I even felt hurt at times that he didn’t seem like he was going to ask me to marry him any time soon. This part doesn’t sound ideal but it was all worth it in the end.

On August 15th, I wore a pretty new outfit and got my nails done just in case he proposed in Montauk. Of course part of me knew there was a chance that would be the day. However, it really was a surprise and I felt so genuinely shocked in that moment. He lied and convinced me he was not going to that morning (I was angry with him but I guess it was worth it). Even as I realized what was happening, I still needed to hear him actually say it before I started to process what was going on. That feeling of being unsure and then surprised with the best moment ever was so special. When else do you get to experience that?

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All about our wedding

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If you try out any of these things definitely let us know! We would love to hear about your dream proposal.

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