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Planning Our Future-versary Party

Since we have gotten engaged, I have been so excited to plan my perfect wedding. At times I’ve felt like Michael didn’t really have much of an opinion on some of the seemingly big and exciting decisions we were making. So, when he texted me about our future-versary party and how awesome it was going to be, I was excited and also very confused.

What I now know is that a future-versary is a future anniversary. Because we are getting married on April 15th, 2023, April 15th, 2022, is our future-versary. Our future-versary requires a big party with all of our closest friends, the best pizza we can find, lots of games, and maybe even a futuristic themed photo booth. So, now we are in the middle of planning our big future-versary party, and here is how it’s going! Hopefully this will inspire you and your partner for your future-versary.

Why we are excited about our future-versary party.

Michael was super excited to host this party. Since I first met him, he has loved bringing people together and throwing parties. I was really excited because all of our friends and cousins would have the opportunity to meet before our wedding. Plus, it would be another opportunity to celebrate how excited I have been feeling about my future with Michael.

Our party has evolved a lot over the past few weeks. However, we are finally ready to send out our invitations.


Originally, I thought it would be best for us to have our party at the beach. We could all dress in comfy clothes, pop champagne, eat pizza, and listen to music as the sunset and the stars came out over the ocean. Michael was totally into it until we learned we couldn’t drink on the beach. Nope! That wasn’t going to work!

“What about a campground?” Michael had a great suggestion.

To our surprise, all of the spots at the nearby campgrounds were already booked for the weekend of April 15th. Actually, they were booked every weekend for the next few months.

Finally, we settled on having the party at Michael’s house. His family has a huge backyard. We already have Corn-Hole, Spike Ball, and Kan Jam. It would be easy to get the pizza delivered there, and we could party all night.

Who is going to be there?

Our bridal party! This party will be the first time that the bridesmaids and groomsmen meet. We are going to have a very young wedding, and we want it to be as fun as possible. Tons of dancing and mingling. Our future-versary party is the perfect place for all of our friends from different aspects of our lives to meet. Now, when the wedding comes, people will have already met and had an awesome night together, and will be ready to do it all again!

Our Awesome Future-versary Party Theme

Michael spent the majority of the night on Monday designing a party invitation. At the time, we hadn’t even thought about having a party theme. However, when I woke up to Michael’s text Tuesday morning, I could tell that he had thought of a theme, and he was very excited about it. His text was a photo of the invitation that he had designed and a message that read “it’s cool if I edit 3d glasses onto your face on the invitation, right?”.

We are having an all out futuristic themed party with a sick photo booth and smoky dry ice drinks.

Our New YouTube

We have been sharing tons of posts about our wedding planning, so click here to see what you have missed and to follow along. Also, we are excited that we now have a YouTube account to share videos of our journey. Soon we will be recording all of our party planning and sharing it there. Click here to check out our channel!


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