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5 Tips to Have the Best Fondue Date at the Melting Pot

If you haven’t already guessed by now, Kristen and I are huge fans of food. We love trying new things, and we love spending time together. So, we have had a lot of great dinner dates. Some of our favorites have been at the best fondue restaurant we’ve ever visited (not that we’ve seen many others!), the Melting Pot.

Kristen and I discovered the Melting Pot our senior year of high school. Kristen had found the greatest prom dress ever for $40 at Windsor, and she was dying for another chance to wear it (or maybe I needed an excuse to see her in it again). So, I set out to find a restaurant for a nice dinner date that would still fit in our teenager budget. When I saw that there was a whole restaurant dedicated just to fondue, which neither of us had ever tried before, I knew that a date at the Melting Pot was a must.

1. Come hungry to your date at the Melting Pot

Going on a date at the Melting Pot offers four courses of cheesy, fondue-ey goodness, and you’ll want to be ready for every bite. You’ll start with a salad. Kristen and I love the California salad. The candied walnuts, gorgonzola, and raspberry walnut vinaigrette are a fantastically sweet combo.

Then, you’ll pick a special cheese blend to dip cubes of bread, fruits, and vegetables in. There’s no wrong answer here. We particularly enjoy the Classic Alpine and the Quattro Formaggio. Next, you’ll pick your broth and entrée items to cook. Again, Kristen and I have never been disappointed! A great first one to try is the classic selection (shrimp, dry rub pork, teriyaki steak, garlic pepper steak, and herb-crusted chicken breast) with the Melting Pot’s Caribbean-style Mojo mix.

Finally, you’ll pick your dessert from an amazing selection of melted dips. Dessert is so important to Kristen and I, we gave it its own tip below.

2. Read over all of the options

We gave you some suggestions, but there is so much to discover on the menu, you really have to experiment! Kristen and I are excited to try frying the tempura and panko Bourguignonne style on our next visit. You can try building your own entrée combo to craft your own experience too. Maybe you’re feeling Atlantic salmon and duck breast with wild mushroom ravioli, pick any three from their large selection! The Melting Pot also has lots of fun drinks to try; they even have tasty mocktails. Check out the menu at a Melting Pot near you.

3. The Melting Pot’s waiters/waitresses give great recommendations

If you’re overwhelmed by the options and the unique fondue experience like Kristen and I were when we first visited, feel free to ask your waiter for suggestions. The Melting Pot has awesome, friendly waiters who are very knowledgeable. They spend a lot of time at the table, fixing various mixes and setting up the equipment, and they’re always good at keeping up interesting conversation. The last time Kristen and I went, she wanted to find a nice wine to pair with her meal, but we have no idea what wine goes with what food. Our waitress recommended an awesome red wine that Kristen absolutely loved, 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon (and she doesn’t usually like red wine).

4. Get weird with it (try new things!)

Fondue is an engaging, fun eating experience that many people haven’t tried. Make the most of it! If you’re not sure what to order, just pick something and go for it! Our first visit, Kristen and I were totally lost, so we practically picked randomly (with some help from our waiter).

I had no idea how amazing cheese tastes with apples. If you’re willing to be adventurous, some weird-sounding combos might really surprise you!

5. Upgrade your dessert

Dessert is very special to Kristen, and if there were one tip she could give you, this is it. For a few dollars more, you can get cream puffs, macarons, and cheese cake added to the standard pound cake cubes, banana slices, and strawberries. I like dessert, but Kristen would literally come just to get this selection paired with the Melting Pot’s S’mores melted chocolate mixture. Again, it’s all amazing, and you can cover your eyes and pick any dessert combo; it will be awesome. You can also make substitutions to tailor your dessert even more (Kristen and I love swapping in dark chocolate for milk or white). By the end of your date at the Melting Pot, you’ll definitely be thanking us for tip #1.

Secret Bonus Tip #6: Buy the Melting Pot Cookbook!

This tip is so secret, even your waiter may not know it! During our most recent visit, Kristen and I were thoroughly checking over our menu (tip #2!) when we noticed that there was a Melting Pot recipe book for sale! We love cookbooks, so we couldn’t resist. Now, we kind of expected that most people wouldn’t order a cookbook at the end of their meal, but our waiter was even more surprised than we’d imagined.

“… Are you sure? You know, I could just go in the back and print out one of the recipes if you want.”

Kristen and I were both a little red, but we pressed on. “No, seriously, we’d love to buy the cookbook.” Clearly there hadn’t been many cookbook sales in this location’s history. You might get some weird looks for it, but isn’t a shiny new cookbook worth a little awkward experience?

We think that going on fun dates is key to a fun, loving relationship. Check out our post Bonding over Books at Barnes for another fun date idea to try with your BFFL.


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