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We all have lots of great ideas and goals that we don’t always keep up with. Michael and I have tried a LOT of ways to hold ourselves accountable, but nothing ever really stuck. Right now we are planning a wedding, working, finishing grad school, deciding where to buy a home, and following business ideas. This is all on top of doing all of the other things that you do as a young couple. Sometimes it feels like everything is too hard to manage. We don’t always find the time for the things that excite us the most.

Also, Michael and I love finding ways to interconnect our lives. Especially when we are far apart and busy. It’s nice to have little things sprinkled into our day that we do together, as a team.

Why Habitica?

That’s why we love Habitica! So much! It’s the best!

Habitica is an app and website that allows you to set long and short term goals to win fun prizes on your own and as a team.

I had tried so many different productivity apps with customizable to do lists, calendar integration, and all that other boring stuff that’s supposed to keep you organized. But time and time again I’d find myself just drifting back to throwing together lists in my notes app. When I discovered Habitica, I instantly knew that it was different. Gamification based on hip psychological ideas? Turn your life into an RPG? Collect pets and gear just by getting your tasks done? YES!

I instantly found myself having lots of fun with my little avatar on Habitica. Everything got even better when I convinced Kristen to give it a try so we could make our own little party!

Habitica has made it much more enjoyable to check in with each other as we chase our goals. Go make an account (it’s totally free and easy to do) so I can show you all of my favorite features!

How to Use Habitica

Most of my Habitica goals are centered around school assignments, health goals (like getting enough sleep or drinking enough water), and spending time on activities that feel like self care for me. Some examples of that are dedicating time everyday to yoga, journaling, or knitting.

Habitica has an app, but I prefer to keep it open as a tab on my computer. That way, I notice it every time I go on my computer. It’s pretty hard to miss. Habitica lets you break down your goals between habits, dailies, and to do’s. Some of my current habits are to drink a big glass of water or fill out a few more Christmas cards. My dailies include getting at least 6 hours of sleep, writing down three things I’m grateful for, and practicing yoga. My to do’s are usually my school or work assignments and emails that I have to send out.

I think the best part of Habitica is the balance it strikes between work and fun. At first, I was worried I might get sucked into wasting even more time playing around on some browser game (something I, a chronic Flash gamer, already struggled with). However, Habitica manages to give you plenty to do in the game while still staying on task of keeping you focused on your tasks! For example, you can join challenges made by members of the Habitica community to earn coins, badges, and other goodies. To actually get the rewards, you have to do real things that will make your life better! There are challenges for reading, working out, learning new skills, dieting, and they all are made even better with Habitica’s fun online rewards.

If you haven’t seen me and my little blue bear go look at the photo above! When you do things that help works towards your goals, you’re rewarded with eggs that you can hatch and fun foods for all of your pets! (One of my favorite parts). Michael has more pets than me right now, but I’m working hard to catch up to him. And, don’t tell him I said this, but mine are cuter anyway 😉

Kristen can say what she wants, but she doesn’t have a killer whale to ride 😛


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