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Out of all of the apple trees, we needed to find the cutest one. The perfect size, with just the right amount of sunshine. I had on a new outfit and it was a beautiful day. Because I was feeling so happy, I could not wait to capture that joy in an image to share and save. I think I was a little more excited to take the picture, but it was Michael’s idea to do the dip (he secretly loves posing our pictures together). So after planning out our pose and setting up my phone on the ground leaning against our bag, timer camera ready, we got to work. Unfortunately, our first picture looked a little bit… inappropriate. I will attach it below, and we will leave it at that. Onto our dip. Michael pressed the camera button and ran to where I stood in front of the apple tree, as I fell into his arms. We smiled, looking into each other’s eyes, as happy as could be. We knew how cute that picture came out. Except it didn’t. Michael’s feet were too far apart. Mine were too close together. My hair was stuck under his arm, and it just wasn’t right. That’s alright, we’ll try again. Except that one wasn’t right either, and neither were the next few. I was upset, I just couldn’t get it right. It should be so simple, yet I looked nothing like the other girls that I see in the cute pictures with their boyfriends. We even tried googling photos of other couples doing dips.

Then we took a step back. I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with any of them until I slowed down a little. I asked Michael if we could just take a photo and forget about all the critiques we had made, and so we did. It was perfect. As we walked away and looked through all of the pictures, I felt silly, we had gotten a bunch of great photos that day, but none were going to be good enough until we got back to just feeling happy and capturing that. -Kristen

not our best pic

“Let’s do a dip!” I knew the apple tree in the field would make the perfect backdrop for a couple’s shot. Kristen nodded excitedly. I carefully balanced her phone against our bag full of apples, pears, and vegetables. With the shot lined up, I set the timer and stood up. She jumped into my arms, leaned back, and we both smiled—not even for the camera—just looking at each other, enjoying the moment. The timer flashed, and I ran back to check the photo. It didn’t look exactly how I’d hoped; my legs were spread a bit too wide. I looked totally off balance, like I dropped her to the ground right after the shot. I reset the timer, and we tried again, and again… and again. It was fun at first, but holding a dip gets exhausting for both partners after the eighth take. We started feeling frustrated with each other. I looked up some pictures of dips online, and we felt even more ungraceful trying to imitate them.

My little adjustments started to get on Kristen’s nerves. My adjustments made her feel like she couldn’t do anything right in the moment. She stepped away from me. We both weren’t having any fun. I felt like I’d ruined the moment. But then Kristen grounded us again. She said we needed a reset. “Let’s just let it happen,” she poked me in the side, her smile coming back. “We’ll just wing it, and I’m sure it’ll work out.” We set up the camera, I pushed her playfully, she sprang back towards me and into the dip, and we laughed. That shot was the best one of the day. -Michael

Most couples love getting a cute picture to capture the joy that they were feeling during an awesome day. Unfortunately, sometimes your couple photoshoot might not go as planned, and could actually take away from the fun time that you are having. Take this as your reminder that you’re taking pictures to remember how incredible happy you are in that moment, don’t risk loosing that for the perfect shot!

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