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Hey guys, it’s Kristen. I wanted to write a set of letters on love for just us girls, from the point of view of a 22 year old in a very happy and healthy relationship. Relationships can be really hard to navigate. Sometimes as girls it’s hard to be open about how we are struggling in our relationships.

Conversations about relationships are often littered with embarrassment masked by self deprecating jokes, anxiety about being vulnerable even with our closest friends, and guilt that you’re just doing everything wrong and that’s why nothing is working out. It’s okay to not want to be in a relationship. However, it’s also okay to want to create a relationship with someone that makes you happy and adds a lot of love and light to your life.

With that, let’s get into one of my biggest traits that I would look for in a man (and one of my favorite things that I love about Michael). Find a partner that gets along with people and that you feel excited to bring to your next party. A partner that makes an awkward party feel a lot less intimidating and who makes you feel more confident walking into a room.

Let’s set the scene:

You get invited to a party where you’re new to the group. You really want to have a great night. Although parties are meant to be fun, they can also feel equally intimidating, so you are having some anxiety. So you tell your friend, the host, and they tell you to bring your partner. How do you feel now? Has your anxiety gone down? 

I am happy to say that having Michael by my side always makes me feel more confident walking into a room. He’s not afraid to talk to everyone and makes the people around him feel more comfortable.

It’s hard enough going out with a new group or inviting new friends into your space. Make sure to find a partner that makes the experience easy, or maybe even fun and exciting. Feelings of anxiety can be switched to feelings of excitement when you’re going into it with someone by your side who will support you and will also be seen as a great addition by the group! When you’re meeting a new person and going on dates, think about what it would be like to walk into a party of people you know and love, or a party of people you want to get to know better, or even a work party that you felt forced to go to, and imagine how them being there would change that experience for you. Having a partner that will show you that everything will be okay and will socialize and start conversations and listen to others will be a game changer. Be with someone that you feel confident everyone in the room will love as much as you do. I promise you will feel yourself walking in with more confidence too.

Life can be hard at times, but a fun night out with friends isn’t supposed to be hard, it’s supposed to be… fun (duh?). It seems like it should feel easier and be more obvious. But it isn’t always. These social encounters shouldn’t be so serious and daunting. Find someone that you feel light and fun with when you open that door.

Thanks you guys for reading my letter! I wish you all the best in your quest (hehe that rhymes). Hopefully I can send more letters soon as I continue my journey with love.

Love, your friend, Kristen

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