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Our Gatsby New Year’s Eve in Hoboken

Whenever New Years Eve rolls around, I hear my family and friends discussing a mess of possible plans. I always enjoyed that my family threw a party because I wasn’t worried about planning. Michael’s family usually does something smaller too. New Years has just never been a big thing for us.

Fun fact: Michael watched the ball drop in NYC one year on New Year’s Eve. He posted the picture below on instagram and, when we met shortly after, it was the picture that I showed all my friends when they asked what he looked like. I thought he was so hot haha.

15 year old Michael on NYE in NYC

Anyway, this year was very different.

New Years Eve in Hoboken

One of my best friends texted me months ago about a Gatsby themed party and asked if we would want to spend our New Year’s Eve in Hoboken. Michael is not always really into going out, however when I mentioned it to him, he seemed really excited. It was right after we toured wedding venues and visited a Gatsby themed wedding venue. I thought that a themed New Year’s party sounded amazing.

Me, Michael, and five of our friends bought tickets to a party in Hoboken at the W hotel. We also had a room there for the night. I had never been to Hoboken before this⁠—actually, none of us had. Me and Michael agreed a long time ago that neither of us would ever want to live in New York City. Hoboken was great though, maybe still not for us, but it is cleaner and quieter, but still fun, and the view of the city skyline is beautiful.

We took the train from Long Island to NYC and then a subway to Hoboken from there. We got Chick-Fil-A on our way. Yum!

None of us had any idea what to expect from the hotel or the party. We could not find many reviews, and no one we knew had ever gone. There could have been 10 other people at the party or 1,000. We also did not know how much other people were dressing up, but we were going all out. Lots of sparkles and sequins and fringe. The boys wore very cute bowties.

Gatsby Themed Party Outfit Inspo for a New Year’s Eve in Hoboken

I loved my outfit. It was perfectly on theme. I will share the links in case you have a Gatsby themed party on your calendar.

I bought my dress and shoes from Lulus. This was my first time ordering from here, but it was great. I have heard from people that it is the best place to get dresses if you are a guest at a wedding which is good to know. I got my bag from Shein, and it was actually great quality and matched everything perfectly.

We got to the hotel first, so we had time to shower before everyone else got there. Seven people getting ready in one room can definitely be tight, but it wasn’t too bad, and we had plenty of time.

Friends celebrating New Years Eve in Hoboken

Out for Drinks on New Year’s Eve in Hoboken

We all decided (prompted by Michael constantly saying he was hungry) to get some food before the party. We were so glad we did because we got to walk along the river. What a stunning view! We stopped for a photoshoot on a walking path and got some really great pics. Then we made our way to The Brass Rail.

The Brass Rail is a cute little bar restaurant in Hoboken. My berry mojito was really delicious. We all shared calamari, mussels, and buffalo chicken lollipops (those were just chicken wings). It was exactly the kind of place we were looking for, and we finished paying our bill as the party was starting. We made our way back to the hotel for a potentially amazing night.

Party Time!

We got back to the hotel, and everyone looked amazing. So many sparkles and tassels and feathers; it was great!

We bought special tickets. VIP actually. That made us feel pretty fancy. We hadn’t been to a themed party like this before, and it was really cool. Turning 21 in quarantine really made it a different experience than it probably normally does.

We had access to an open bar and a pool table, and there was a really fun dj in the main room all night. I drank aperol spritzes and cosmos throughout the night. Michael stuck with his gin and tonic.

We met a lot of fun people and had some great conversations while waiting at the bar. I met a really awesome couple who had also been together since they were 15, but they had been married for many many years at that point. They were so happy for me and Michael, and they were so happy together. That felt really good.

We did a lot of dancing and the night really flew by. Me and Michael played a game of pool, and we were terrible. I’m sure it was hard to watch for the people waiting to play next. Michael won. I don’t know how, but he probably cheated.

Almost Midnight

We were having so much fun, and by 11:45 we decided to get one more drink to cheers with at midnight. We spent the very end of our 2021 on a beautiful balcony in Hoboken overlooking the NYC skyline. I got a kiss from Michael at midnight, and I got to celebrate with all of my friends. What an exciting start to the new year! I could not have been any happier than I was celebrating with the love of my life.

The rest of the night flew by and, waking up early the next morning to clean up the hotel room was far from ideal. However, our New Years Eve in Hoboken was totally worth it.

In the past, making a big NYE plan always felt intimidating and stressful, however, I am so glad that we did this year. We had such an incredible time, and I am excited to see everything that is coming this year. I am very hopeful it will be the best year yet, especially after the way it started.

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