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Michael and I spent so much time doing research before we even got a real estate agent. At times, this drove me crazy, and there were moments where it felt unnecessary. However, it definitely wasn’t.

Michael and I have both always known we would want a whole bunch of kids one day. We have had a running note in our phones of baby name inspo since high school, and we have definitely had our fair share of disagreements on names. Here is a sneak peak into how we have come up with a really awesome list of baby names.

Michael went to school in Boston, and, even though I had to take a twelve hour bus ride to visit him, our weekends in Boston were the best. Here are five of our favorite spots that we have gone to eat in Boston (plus two bonus tips at the end that we had to include).

What I now know is that a future-versary is a future anniversary. Because we are getting married on April 15th, 2023, April 15th, 2022, is our future-versary. Our future-versary requires a big party with all of our closest friends, the best pizza we can find, lots of games, and maybe even a futuristic themed photo booth.

If you haven’t already guessed by now, Kristen and I are huge fans of food. We love trying new things, and we love spending time together. So, we have had a lot of great dinner dates. Some of our favorites have been at the best fondue restaurant we’ve ever visited (not that we’ve seen many others!), the Melting Pot.

Wow, Miami real estate is a crazy experience. Me and Michael are buying our first home right now, and it has definitely not been easy. A lot has happened since our last trip to Miami, so we thought we would give you all an update about our story, what we have been learning, and how we have been dealing with the stress that comes with buying a home (especially in such a crazy market).

We are finally at the point where we have finalized and shared our registry on our website. We cannot give an honest review on these items yet, because we do not have them. However, we were pretty selective with our list, so they should be great!

This is my third letter, and I feel like with each one, my thoughts have gotten a little more controversial. This post isn’t about anything too crazy, however I am sure people will disagree with me, especially at first glance.

Michael and I just chose our wedding photographer, and we could not be happier with our decision. Choosing a photographer felt like a really big decision. Of course we have not seen our wedding pictures yet; however, there’s not a doubt in my mind that we made the right decision!

Michael and I spent the past three days in Miami together, and we have some very exciting things coming. We flew down to Florida to look at apartments with our real estate agent and hopefully find our first home. This is our third time visiting Miami in the past year, and every time we visit, we feel even more excited for our move there.

Last week we shared the story of how we met. We really enjoyed talking about the beginning of our relationship and remembering how we felt about each other, even so long ago. So, here is the story of our first date, just one week after we met!

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