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I have always had to really be on my game when it comes to getting Michael gifts, because he is definitely the best gift giver in the world. We’ve definitely treated each other to some pretty elaborate gifts in the past, but we have also gotten very creative and saved money with some really creative ones as well. Here are some of our tips for gift giving and some suggestions that we’ve tried and loved!


1. Don’t worry too much about what other people think of your gifts. You know your partner and what they would want from you better than anyone else. Last year for graduation I got Michael a kayak and my friends had said to get something more practical like a watch. Michael loved his kayak and it was 100% the way to go.

2. Don’t compare the gift you’re giving to the one that you’re receiving. Over the past seven years me and Michael have exchanged so many gifts. Some holidays he might do better and some holidays I might do better. That’s how it’s supposed to be, and I’m sure your partner couldn’t be happier!

3. Communicate about gifts… or don’t? This is totally your preference. Me and Michael never set a budget, because similar to tip 2, some holidays I spend more and some he does. And that’s okay! But, if you feel more comfortable discussing than do that. Similarly, some partners want a suggestion or even an explicit “this is what I want” and some love a surprise!

Five of our favorite gift ideas we’ve come up with so far:

Hand sewn giant stuffed elephant

1. A stuffed animal 🧸

This is Trunkus. This Christmas Michael learned how to sew to make him for me. He cut him out of felt and hand sewed him and filled him with fluff and surprised me with him. He was sitting on the couch (picture on the right) when I walked into Michael’s house that Christmas. Five years later and Trunkus still looks great and is in my room!

I already wanted you that Michael is the best at gift giving, so a person sized stuffed elephant might feel over the top. However, learning how to make a little stuffed animal could be an affordable and extremely thoughtful gift that your partner will cherish!

2. A scrapbook 📔 

This ones a classic, but there is a reason for that! Scrapbooks can be so personal and it is up to the creator what they want to do with it. You can focus on squeezing in as many cute photos as you can, or write notes throughout that your partner will smile at whenever they read it.

Many years ago I made Michael a scrapbook that he kept on his desk all through college. Seeing it on display every time I visited meant so much to me.


3. A life recipe book 📖

I wasn’t really sure what to call this one, but I loved it when Michael made one for me last year. This is a books with recipes on how to do things that mean a lot to you as a couple. The smaller and more personal the better!

Michael has always been great at finding four leaf clovers, and I kinda stink, so he wrote down some tips. I’ve always been a dog person but I love his cats, so he drew me a diagram of their favorite places to be pet. Michael’s mom makes the best cookies so he got the recipe to my favorite ones and shared it with me! These are just a few of my favorite pages.

Bonus* Michael also included two of the same book (one copy for each of us) with this gift so we can read it together. It was a book I had seen on one of our Barnes and Noble datesand really wanted to read together! Another Barnes and Noble gift idea is a cool book with the ingredients to make a dish together! 

4. A blanket ☁️

Another gift that I loved seeing in his room when I visited Michael was the blanket I got him. I bought him one on vacation in 2016 that he still keeps on his bed. This is an extra great gift for a long distance couple! If you want to make it more personalized you can design a blanket online with photos of the two of you on it. Just be aware, the cheaper blankets are not always super soft or warm, but they are adorable . You could even get them two blankets, one for warmth, and one for the cute photos.

loose tea set

5. A tea set

I guess if your person doesn’t like tea you could do a coffee set too. Or maybe even a hot chocolate set.

For Valentines Day last year Michael made me the cutest DIY tea set. He started by finding cute little glass containers to keep the ingredients in. He decided to use baby food containers; that was a strange decision, but honestly they are perfect. He bought baby food fruit and put the fruit in bags to freeze for his smoothies. Then, he cleaned the jars and filled each with a different tea ingredient.

Some of the jars that I reach for the most are the green tea, the valencia orange, the cocoa powder, and the mint. I also like the turmeric and the ginger. Luckily, he had a label printer, so he was able to make a cute label for each jar. Michael gave me the jars in a bag, but I transferred them all into a cute little box with my tea kettle. Make sure not to forget to include empty tea bags too!

The end

All five of these gifts are super personalized, which we really love! Not every gift can be the best gift your partner ever gets, but that is okay. If you try any of these out, make sure to let us know! Also, if you have any good suggestions, please send them our way!

We really love the holiday season so I enjoyed sharing about it on our blog. To read more of our holiday posts click here.


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